The Tingles App is popularly promoted by ASMR Artists, here's everything you should know:

If you don’t want to read the whole blog and just want the bullet points here they are:

⚪ The App is free to download, ALTHOUGH they will ask you if you want to pay $59.99/year or $10/month to unlock all videos. If you don’t unlock the videos you have access to a very limited selection (~2 per content creator).

⚪ The interface is great. You can leave the app and continue listening to videos and it’s really easy to navigate through 1500+ ASMR Artists and tons of triggers.

⚪ The app has a shady past, that they claim to have since addressed. They used to use ASMR content of ASMR Artists that they were not partnered with, causing those artists to not receive ad revenue for video views. This caused them to get banned from the ASMR subreddit and make a public statement.

⚪ Our final review. It is a good app for ASMR. We’ve reviewed other ASMR Apps here and this ranks among the best. We’d only recommend subscribing to the app if you constant fall asleep with ASMR because at the $60/year price point it is expensive. It’s a good way to discover some new ASMR Artists though.