ASMR Haven Plan

Hi Everyone!

Thanks for taking a look at ASMR Haven – a site that we hope can help ASMR lovers discover new triggers and artists; meanwhile ASMRtists can find a way to share their content with new viewers.

The site is brand new (if you’re reading this in November of 2020) and we’re looking for feedback to improve what you all want to see on an ASMR website. If you wouldn’t mind taking a short survey we’d really appreciate it!

If you’re an ASMRtist reading this we would love to share your videos on our site and in our newsletter. You can fill out this form and we’ll upload your content for others to see on a rotating basis!

You can also subscribe to our ASMR Newsletter on the homepage. We’ll be featuring the ASMRtists who sign up there.

Thanks a lot for your feedback and we hope to give you updates soon!

– ASMR Haven